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  Since the establishment of the company, it has gone against the trend and has customers all over the country. Wuen Optoelectronics relies on professional, efficient, honest, open, transparent, and neutral platform to win the trust of customers. The growing Wuen Optoelectronics has this strength to serve the entire coating industry, thanks to the full support of its channel partners. .

Shanghai Wuen Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2016. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in the industrial design of optoelectronic products. In November 2017, the company's business expanded to the entire optical coating field. The company is positioned as a technical service integrating R&D and proofing. The company serves the coating industry with advanced coating technology, comprehensive maintenance services, high-quality accessories and consumables, and agency of advanced imported equipment and materials. It provides various services such as product yield improvement, new product debugging, and various coating orders contacting. With excellent resources and innovation, we will develop new processes for customers, provide new materials, create new value, and bring greater convenience and benefits to customers.

 Relying on a strong professional coating technology team, Wuen Optoelectronics provides coating companies with full-process services such as new product development, equipment upgrades, installation, maintenance, process debugging, coating materials, coating machine accessories, optical testing equipment and peripheral supporting services. It aims to improve efficiency, improve quality and reduce costs for coating companies.

At present, Wu'en has cooperated with more than 100 coating companies, including the upgrading of traditional enterprise coating equipment, the development of emerging coating markets, coating technology training, and the sales of coating auxiliary consumables in multiple coating fields. Coating technology involves the camera field, 5G optical communication field, 3D near-infrared face recognition field, laser field, LED field, semiconductor field, decoration field, automotive field, display field, aerospace field, naked eye 3D field, thin film power generation field and chip Coating field.

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